VIP Bottle Service - Frequently Asked Questions

A Rumba Room Live VIP reservation is designed to give you and your guests an intimate, upscale experience with unmatched attention to detail and the highest level of personalized service. You will find that our sections are luxurious and spacious. Each area provides a private view of our venue and are steps away from all the action. Our menu offerings are hand selected and only offer the highest quality liquors and spirits.

Can I afford a VIP Section?

You will be surprised to learn how affordable Bottle Service can be at Rumba Room Live. We have VIP areas that can accommodate most guests and party sizes. You’ll find that it doesn’t cost that much more per person than buying a ticket at the box office would.

How can I make a VIP Reservation?

You can easily book your reservation online by visiting , or by calling (657) 999-7900. You will be required to leave a deposit plus a small processing fee.

What is a Minimum Spend Agreement?

A Minimum Spend is the amount you are agreeing to consume in beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) in order to reserve a VIP Section. For example: If you have a $500 minimum and you order a bottle of Tito’s Vodka and Olmeca Altos Tequila, at $250 EACH, you’ve satisfied your agreed upon minimum spend. Our menu has an extensive variety of spirits you can choose from so you can easily meet your minimum spend.

*Please Note: A MANDATORY 20% service charge is added to your total bill at the end of your service.

Bottle Service Menu

Am I allowed to spend beyond my minimum spend agreement?

ABSOLUTELY! Most guests normally spend more than the minimum agreement because they find that our bottle, beer and cocktail offerings are not only extensive, but also unique with a Latin flair. It’s very easy to indulge in a perfectly prepared mixed drink at your table, or to order your favorite signature hand crafted cocktail. There is something for everyone in your party to enjoy.

Is the Minimum Spend the same for any VIP Section within the Venue?

Minimum Spends vary depending on the size of your party, location of the VIP section, demand, special events and holidays. Please make sure to check our website for updated pricing and information.

Where do I check in for my VIP reservation?

We’ve created an expedited entry separate from the lines of our general admission guests. Look for the VIP Entrance sign near the patio. One of our talented hosts will greet and welcome you at the VIP podium located at our entrance. You will be asked to provide a valid credit card and government issued I.D., which we hold until your departure from the venue. Each of your guests will receive a wristband. Once the check-in process has been completed, you will be personally escorted to your designated VIP area.

What is a Service Charge?

To ensure the highest quality products and services, Rumba Room Live imposes a 20% service charge to ALL checks receiving service within our VIP sections. This service charge is paid directly to ALL staff responsible for providing service to your table. This includes servers, bussers, bar-backs and bartenders.

Can I leave an extra tip for my server specifically?

ABSOLUTLEY! If you feel that your servers delivered above and beyond your expectations during your visit, we definitely encourage you to do so. Any additional gratuity you leave outside of the venue imposed 20% service charge, specifically rewards our servers for outstanding service!

Can I bring in extra guests into my VIP?

While our VIP Sections are designed to allow our guests plenty of room to sit and move around, each VIP Section does have a specific capacity allowed. Exceeding capacity jeopardizes the safety and security of our guests and also creates an uncomfortable experience for not only you and your party, but other VIP parties nearby. Only the specific capacity of guests in the section you reserve will receive wrist-bands and will be allowed to enter your VIP section. We can always accommodate larger parties, so please give us a call and we can help create a section to suit your needs.

What time do I need to arrive?

The HOST named on your reservation ticket MUST arrive by 11pm. If you do not arrive by 11pm, your VIP area may be released to other guests waiting for a table. Your deposit will not be refunded or transferred.

What time can my guests check in?

Your guests can arrive at ANYTIME during the night. They will be wrist-banded and personally escorted to your section as long as you have not exceeded capacity limits.

What is a Birthday Package?

We’ve created Birthday Packages to make your birthday EXTRA special. For an additional fee, a birthday package can be added to your reservation. Birthday Packages include the following, but can vary depending on the size of the VIP section you book. Please call for more details!

* 3-6 Mylar Birthday Balloon Bouquets
* Giant Mylar number balloons for your specific age (by request only with no extra fee)
* 3-5 Birthday Shout Outs throughout the night
* Birthday Sparklers with all Bottles
* Giant Birthday Cupcake with Sparkler
* 1-2 Bottles of Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Can I celebrate my Bachelor/Bachelorette or any other Celebration party here?

ABSOLUTELY!! We can customize the BIRTHDAY PACKAGE listed above to fit whatever you are celebrating. Please give us 48 hours notice if you wish to customize a celebration package. This will give us enough time to ensure we have the right items to fit your specific celebration.

Can I bring in food for my VIP Guests?

Outside food and beverages of any kind are NOT allowed within the venue.

Can I cancel my VIP Reservation?

We understand that sometimes emergencies happen. We try to be as flexible as we can when these unexpected circumstances arise. To receive a refund of your deposit (minus processing fees), please email within 48 hours of your reservation. Any cancelation request after the 48 period is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I make modifications/changes to my VIP reservation?

We want your experience to be a memorable one. We try to tailor every reservation to meet your needs. If you need specific accommodations, need to make changes to your party size, need to upgrade, or change the date of your reservation, etc. Please call us directly within 48 hours so we can best accommodate your request.

Can my guests and I have multiple open tabs?

YES! Your guests are allowed to start their own, separate tab with your server. We require a valid credit card and government issued I.D. to open tabs. PLEASE NOTE- Your minimum spend MUST be met on the same check, therefore, you cannot have multiple tabs combined to meet your minimum spend agreement.

Can I use multiple forms of payments?

YES! You can use up to 4 credit cards or cash to pay for your tab at the end of your visit.

Does the venue assess a cleaning fee?

We always encourage our guests to consume responsibly. Management- at its sole discretion, may assess an additional cleaning fee in the amount of $100-200 for any damage or tarnish that may occur to any furnishings, surfaces or flooring within the venue that may require more than a routine cleaning. When making a VIP reservation, you agree to these additional fees charged to your check if any of the above should occur.


Any other questions? Call us at (657) 999-7900 or email us at